Dr Heike Börnert

Our highly respected orthodontist specialist, Dr Heike Börnert, especially enjoys the treatment of complex cases in both adults and children and works closely with other dental specialists to assure the best possible overall outcome for each patient. Dr Börnert is using all types of removable and fixed orthodontic appliances, but has a special interest in treating patients with lingual braces, which are fitted on the back of the patient‘s teeth www.lingualsystems.com


Over the past 8 years Dr Börnert has treated several hundred patients successfully with this technique and is one of the most experienced orthodontists in this field. Dr Börnert is on the General Dental Council’s specialist list for Orthodontics.

A key factor for a life-long healthy dentition is the alignment of teeth and a correct jaw relation, which means that teeth meet optimally when biting together. The foundations for a good bite are set in childhood while growth can still be influenced. While the majority of children start orthodontic treatment at the age of 11-13 years, in some patients it is necessary to start treatment as early as age 6-7 years and it is advisable to see an orthodontist at this age for the first time.


In early childhood (6-12 years), when children having a combination of baby and permanent teeth, we would use mainly removable or functional appliances to correct teeth and jaw positions.


When all permanent teeth have erupted at 11-12 years of age treatment is normally carried out with fixed appliances, fitted typically on the outside of the children‘s teeth. It is however also possible to position those appliances on the inside should you prefer treatment with “invisible” braces lingual braces.

Although orthodontic treatment is classically carried out in childhood, more and more adults are interested in straightening their teeth. In fact there is no age limit for orthodontics, provided teeth and gums are healthy.


There are many reasons for having orthodontic treatment as an adult. These include not only the alignment of teeth and thus improving the smile, but also moving teeth into a healthier biting position.


Frequently adults had treatment as children but unfortunately their teeth have moved again. In other circumstances it may be necessary to upright teeth or improve their position before placing dental implants or having prosthodontic work done; veneers, crowns or bridges.


In some cases however, the bite can be only corrected with a combination of orthodontic treatment and jaw surgery.


Orthodontic appliances used in adults are mainly fixed braces, but they do not have to be visible.


Dr Börnert is treating the majority of her adult patients with lingual braces and is one of the most experienced orthodontists in this field. Lingual braces are custom made with an extremely high precision and can correct all misalignments of teeth without restrictions.  www.lingualsystems.com